What to Do When You Can’t Figure Life Out


I started blogging back in 2012. A wide-eyed teen fresh out of college, I was excited to live and experience the future, so I created a blog to document my “journey.”

But like a kid stepping out from Neverland for the first time, my excitement quickly turned into confusion, and then into disappointment. Living the future didn’t turn out to be as pleasant as it appeared. I thought I was ready then. I thought I had everything figured out.

But I’ll spare you the drama. This blog isn’t about that–the past, regrets, or nostalgia about some unfulfilled dreams (although I might indulge in it when not sober). This blog is essentially about moving forward and taking life as it happens.

I am now a content writer (who knew I would end up writing about VoIP phone systems after dabbling in poetry in college?), and a mom to an almost terrible-two boy, among many other things. Sure, I’ve picked up a lot of lessons and maybe matured a bit, but there are still a lot of things I haven’t figured out.

And as a writer, there’s only one thing I do to help me make sense of things: Write. Hence, this blog.

If you happen to stumble upon this blog by chance, welcome! My name is Ion. Like a lion, I roar when hungry, angry, or on the brink of insanity. I’m also extremely protective of my cub. But I don’t bite, my kid does.

So sit, make yourself comfortable. Expect a lot of rants and raves about motherhood, writing, and everything in between that I hope will help, inspire, make you laugh, or creep you out in some weird and wonderful way. (I know I already said that in the About section, but I just wanted to repeat it so you don’t forget.)

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