10 Tips for a Fun and Frugal 1st Birthday Party in Cebu

Like most new mamas, I was also pretty damn stressed about planning my kid’s first birthday in Cebu.

But with a bit of research and with the help of my ever-supportive family and friends, we managed to throw a simple yet memorable celebration to mark the occasion.

And because it’s that time of the year again for planning parties (can’t believe my kid’s turning two in a few days), I thought it would be great to offer some advice for parents who are planning their tyke’s first birthday in Cebu. I’m no party planning expert but I’m pretty sure you could use these tips to throw a simple, meaningful, and most importantly frugal first birthday celebration for your tiny tot.

Does Bad Grammar Hurt Your Blog?

Since I started writing for a living, the proper use of grammar has always been one of my best weapons in creating content for clients. My seniors, Grammar Girl, and the holy grail of online content writing, the ever-reliable Copyblogger have instilled in me the value of creating clear, concise, and compelling content when writing for the web.

That’s why after over four years of content writing, it has always baffled me why so many popular blogs today have such awful grammar.

Letters to my Little Lion #1: Lessons from the Brangelina Breakup

brangelina |ionlikealion.com

At 1 year and 10 months old, I know you will never understand or care about the strange national mourning over Brangelina’s divorce, much less know how to say their name right. (Right now, dinosaurs and the alphabet are what’s keeping you busy.) But I think their relationship is a great source material for real talk or also known as “inspiring nuggets of wisdom your mom will share, which you will probably not understand now but will surely thank me for later.”

So what can we learn from the breakup of these two beautiful strangers?