Introducing a New Blog Series: Letters to My Little Lion

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Part of the reason I wanted to start my own blog was to give my son and future descendants a glimpse of me as a person – in case, you know, I don’t survive the zombie apocalypse or contract the deadly flu, and thus, be unable to teach my posterity the rules to living a good life.

Such morbid thoughts and a movie marathon of Korean films have led me to create a blog series dedicated to my son, which I shall call “Letters to My Little Lion.”

(Shoutout to my awesome friend Zen for coming up with the name!)

This blog series will be home to all the life and love lessons I want my son to learn, as well as things he ought to know and do as a man. This series might also include a laundry list of wishes I hope my son would fulfill when I’m gone (otherwise be haunted by the spirit of a scorned mama).

I hope my kid and my dear readers (assuming you exist and that I’m not simply talking to the void here) would appreciate these letters. It would also be lovely if you write back to me!

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  1. I’m excited for your new blog series, Ion. Keep it coming!

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