A Day in the Life of a Content Writer

When I first ventured into the world of content writing four years ago, I often got asked by my parents, family members, friends, neighbors, former classmates and teachers – you name it – about what a content writer does all day. Considering it wasn’t the most descriptive job title, I happily obliged to answer their questions.

But I’ve noticed that people immediately drift off from earth when I actually try to answer them. So after several Q and As and probably buckets of wasted saliva, I’ve learned to reduce my answer into just “I write all day”.

While that answer is true, it’s not the only thing content writers do. So if you’ve ever wondered what a content writer does aside from, well, the obvious, then I’ve got the answer.

What to Do When You Can’t Figure Life Out


I started blogging back in 2012. A wide-eyed teen fresh out of college, I was excited to live and experience the future, so I created a blog to document my “journey.”

But like a kid stepping out from Neverland for the first time, my excitement quickly turned into confusion, and then into disappointment. Living the future didn’t turn out to be as pleasant as it appeared. I thought I was ready then. I thought I had everything figured out.