Hey there! My name is  Ion. Yes, it’s my real name and no, my parents are not chemists.

I’m a content writer by day, a promiscuous-turned-dormant reader, a rice aficionado (just a fancy term for someone who enjoys eating more than a cup of rice each meal), and a protective mama lion to her little cub named after a rally car.

After owning strings of abandoned blogs, I decided to try blogging again because: 1) I needed an outlet to keep my sanity intact (I write everyday but I don’t write write – if you know what I mean), and 2) for my posterity’s sake (I get occasional reminders of my impending mortality, and I’m afraid that I will leave this planet without leaving a mark).

This need and fear pushed me to buy a catchy domain name in haste and set up this blog while at work (but in case you IT guys are reading, I swear I’m just kidding! haha *nervous laugh*).

To my readers, assuming you exist, thanks for stopping by my little space on the web!  I hope that the experiences and thoughts that I share here will help, inspire, make you laugh, or creep you out in some weird and wonderful way.